Composing your search string the right way

Literature Searches Support offers students and researchers help and support with composing the search string (search strategy) for different medical databases.

Do you need help with composing your literature search (search string) for your review in biomedical, medical or allied health databases like PubMed, Embase, Medline, Cochrane Library, CINAHL, Web of Science and/or PsychINFO? And has your own information specialist/librarian not the time to help?

I offer varying support from just checking the syntax of your own search string, to suggesting search terms to composing it from scratch, to translating it to the syntax of the other databases, to deduplicating the results.

Refer to the price list for my hourly rates.

Contact me for a non-committal online meeting to discuss the options for support!

Please be aware that due to licenses I do not have access to the paid databases. This means I cannot run the searches. Options are running the search yourself and sending me the download files (either via an instruction or during an online meeting); giving me temporary access to your institute; or me doing the searches by travelling to an university (beware: this costs extra!).